Promise Land 50k Results – 2016

The overall temperatures were pretty good for running.  Higher parts were cool and the race was a bit damp with light misting showers throughout the day.  Overall it was a good day for most as many had a PR.  Sadly Kevin rolled his ankle badly a little ways down from […]

Promise Land Finish 2016


Dam 50k and 5k Results – 2016

It turned out to be a very nice day for a Dam race.  Weather started off cool and cloudy, but the time most were finishing it was sunny and a tad warm if the wind wasn’t blowing.  The 50k had it fair share of asphalt road to run.  The amount […]

How Runners Are Training for the Barkley Marathons

Here are how some of this year’s Barkley runners have trained for the event.  Good luck to them all this weekend! 100 miles, 66,000 feet of climbing—how do you even train for that? We asked a few athletes to find out. Source: How Runners Are Training for the Barkley Marathons


Trail to Terrapin Summit for the race

Terrapin Mountain 50k and Half-Marathon Results – 2016

It was an interesting day for sure.  With the picture below you can decide if this looks more like an almost spring race or something you would expect to see during Hellgate instead.  A few members won awards and many ran a PR.  The weather started nice, but was pretty […]

Holiday Lake 50k Results

A cool clear day with little to no snow on the course made it good for runners.  However, the at times wind along with the sub freezing temperatures, made it a bit chilly on the aid station workers.  The BRTR ran aid stations 1 and 2 for the race.  Everyone […]