Great story on how running helped turn his life around.  Click the source link at the bottom for the full article. Kahlil Gonzalez was a career criminal doing time for burglary. Then he started running in a prison yard. Source: Release

Grindstone 100 Miler Results

This year we only had a few people from our club run Grindstone and a good number helped instead.  Most of us at North River Gap, which was run by Sam.  The weather was wet on wet thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Matthew.  It got cold at the turnaround […]

The 10 Commandments of Race Day

There is a great deal of truth in these commandments and many I agree with. While everyone is not the same, they are a good set to go by.  The sleep one I got a laugh out of too. Use these rules to have your best race experiences Source: The […]

Run the Rut 50k Results

A few of our members went out west to see if they could survive a race in Montana.  The running joke was it was a one way trip because of the main climb and decent of Lone Peak.  It is a very rocky scree field up and down from the […]

Iron Mountain Trail Run Results – 2016

The day started out with pretty cool temps that had most wanting a jacket before the start.  It did get hot later in the day, but the 16 miler folks had cool temps the whole time.  The 50 miler people had to deal with a bit of heat in the […]